Birthday Parties

Adult Birthday Party | June Flower Wall
Photography by Maddie Flanigan

Happiest Birthday Ever Flower Wall

A birthday is an opportunity to celebrate yourself and those you love. We blow out candles on a cake, we wish for good things in the year to come, and we share our joys with our friends and family, and enjoy wonderful moments with those who make our lives truly worthwhile. A birthday flower wall is a way to celebrate not only yourself but also the family and friends who make your life’s journey possible. With Nicol Floral Design, you can create the perfect flower wall for your event, choosing the flowers, colors, base color, and the flower wall placement. A splendid birthday flower wall makes your engagement party live forever in the stunning photographs your guests will take and share. Nicol Floral Design’s birthday flower backdrops, like all our work, are custom-made and one-of-a-kind. They give a sense of peace and perfection that automatically draws people to them. With a birthday flower wall by Nicol Floral Design, and candles on your cake, all of your wishes will come true!