Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower | Ellis Preserve | Custom Flower Wall
Photography by Francesca Michetti

Silk Flower Wall Bridal Shower Backdrops

A bridal shower is an event full of promise and joy. Everyone at your bridal shower celebrates your happiness with you as you prepare for your wedding day. A gorgeous bridal shower flower wall backdrop by Nicol Floral Design is a wonderful way for your guests to share in the beauty and romance of your event. Featured in Modern Luxury Weddings, and gracing over a thousand events, Nicol Floral Design’s silk flower walls spark joy in any celebration. Loved by countless brides to be, a flower panel adds a dynamic and unforgettable element to your bridal shower celebration.

A Unique Photo Opportunity

Nicol’s handmade silk flower backdrops create bliss and delight. You and your guests will be inspired to pose and snap photos with your lush flower wall as a backdrop, making your bridal shower even more memorable.