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Design Selection 1
Modularity built for your event, featuring our patent pending Modwall™ technology.
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Design Selection 2
An evolving collection of delicate yet timeless floral designs.
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Design Selection 3
Spanish couture silks hand selected by Nicol.
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Design Selection 4
  • Handmade with ♥️
  • by Nicol in Wayne, PA
Luxe Chair (Image 1)
Made from kiln-dried hardwood & faux fox fur, this is one luxurious chair.
Luxe Chair (Image 2)
Clients tend to rent this chair for bridal showers.
Luxe Chair (Image 3)
And it's only $150 to rent for the entire day!
Display (Image 1)
  • Meet our newest rental offering.
  • The Cocktail Display.
Display (Image 2)
  • Showcase your display alongside any flower wall (4 feet of Cheyenne is shown here).
Display (Image 3)
  • Present your champagne glasses, party favors, place cards, and so much more!
Display (Image 4)
  • The display comes with a pre-installed neon Cheers sign!
Display (Image 5)
A truly one of a kind display (4 feet of Skyla shown here).
Display (Image 6)
  • Designed to fit elegantly at weddings and bridal showers (4 feet of Bella shown here).
Signs (Image 1)
We now install neon and wood signs!
Signs (Image 2)
We offer 3 wood sign rentals, at $100.
Signs (Image 3)
We offer 5 neon signs rentals, at $150.
Signs (Image 4)
We also install custom neon signs! We charge a $150 hanging fee for this service.
Signs (Image 5)
⚠️ Note that we exclusively work with myneonstore.com. Please buy your neon sign from them, and enter code NICOL15%OFF at their checkout for 15% off!
Signs (Image 6)
Please provide your MyNeon sign at your venue, so we can install it exactly how you like!
Photo Booth (Image 1)
The perfect partner for your flower wall.
Photo Booth
Photo Booth (Image 2)
The only cordless photo booth equipped with powerful studio lighting. No outlet required.
Photo Booth (Image 3)
Tons of fun filters, features, and digital props!
Photo Booth (Image 4)
Create your own custom boomerangs and GIFs.
Photo Booth (Image 5)
  • Instantly share your content by text or email.
  • No printing.
Photo Booth (Image 6)
Only $700 for the entire day!