Tips for Birthday Celebrations

All birthdays are special and they deserve to be commemorated. For adults, these are often milestone birthdays; the ones that make you feel like you need to freeze time to honor the moment. They arrive at a time when the guest of honor may be overwhelmed with the thought of entering a new decade of life. That’s why it’s important to surround the birthday person with the people they love in a setting that fits their personality and style.

While decorating for my own birthday party this year (it’s not a milestone but any birthday is a reason to celebrate), I thought it would be fun to share my top three decorating tips that can really make the day special.

Proof is in the Pudding…or Birthday Cake!

The birthday cake completes the party. It acts like an exclamation point, presented at the end of the party and “wows” the guests with its beauty and deliciousness. Often a cake is forgotten about because its decorations are generic and boring, but don’t miss this decorating opportunity! The cake can match the style of the guest of honor using color, shape and embellishments. For my birthday cake, I used a pastel pink that reminds me of springtime pansies and romantic pink roses. It’s elegant, simple and classic which fits the style I strive to keep. The vanilla cake tastes equally delicious as it is beautiful, made exquisitely by Patrick at Aux Petits Delices in Wayne, PA.

Celebrate Happy Moments.

Sometimes the birthday person is not extremely excited about “aging up,” so keep their mood happy by celebrating the past. Ask guests to bring photos of fun and special moments they’ve shared together. Create a decade-based theme party if the guest of honor is entering a new decade. For example, a 40th birthday party could include big band music from the 1940s. You could use the decade they were born and host a party around that time period as well. It's always important to document the party with amazing photography. I always use Maddie Flanigan Photography.

Of Course, Use Silk Florals!

One of the latest trends in party decorating is the use of a silk floral wall and lately, my birthday walls are almost as popular as my wedding walls. My walls come in 14 vibrant color themes to match any party style. They make amazing backdrops for photos of guests. I encourage my clients to get creative with the wall and take photos sitting, standing, and even being silly with props. I set the walls up in no time and work well with other vendors you might be using. I also create floral table runners. They can match the color of the floral wall and run on any size table. Flowers have the power to create an elegant and fun atmosphere and silk florals can be used to create a lush backdrop without the expense of using real flowers. Most of my clients use my silk floral walls in addition to real flowers for other decorations like table centerpieces.

If you are planning a birthday party, or any special event, please call me for a free consultation.