Ritzy Business in Philadelphia Style

I am still reveling in the glory of being in yet another media powerhouse in Philadelphia! My flower walls were one of the topics of the article “Ritzy Business: Fanciful floral walls and custom cakes offer the finest finishing touches at the Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia.”

This is the third time my business has hit media news in that last year!

The recently renovated Ritz Carlton has partnered with Nicol Floral Design to create their own exclusive flower walls for brides. The elevated personal touches of this venue are what sets them apart as one of the top wedding reception venues in the city and I’m thrilled to be working with them!

I handcraft my walls with amazing detail, using high quality silk florals. Some of my walls are available as packages throughout the city, such as the Ritz Carlton, but they can also be custom made and rented to be used anywhere. Call me for a free consultation!