Finishing Touches for a Luxury Wedding at the Ritz-Carlton Wedding Venue


Finishing touches are just that. They are the little extras to the details that often go unnoticed but when done right they turn something standard into something extraordinary. My recent wedding experience at the Ritz in Philadelphia is a perfect case study in finishing touches.

Finishing Touch No. 1: The Wedding Planner

At a basic level, wedding planners help you organize your big day, but if you want the day to flow smoothly and the wedding style be nothing short of a fairy tale, then you need more than basic. Lauren Lerner Akman and Jamie Nadeau of Lauren James Events are anything but basic! They are luxury event planners who bring creativity and professionalism to every detail. They engineer a manageable time line for vendors, the understand the family members and their personalities and they offer design services that create a stunning, picture perfect wedding.  

Finishing Touch No. 2: The Wedding Cake

Van Earl’s Cakes is not a bakery, they are artists creating cake art that will blow your mind! Other than the bride and groom, the wedding cake was the celebrity of the day. Adorned with cream-colored and bedazzled cascading florals and squared off at the bottom with a tailored layer of silver beads, the cake coordinated flawlessly with the backdrop of my custom-made wall made with similar luxurious jewels and florals.

Finishing Touch No. 3: The Photographer

As you can see from the photos below, MK Photography is more than just a photographer. They capture the story of the moment with a photojournalistic style.

Finish Touch No. 4: The Florist

Silk flowers never replace the real deal, but they can coordinate with each other and Jami Rothstein helps pull it all together. She is a florist artisan, nationally recognized for her designs. It was a pleasure to work with her staff to create a memorable setting for the special day.

With the right vendors who believe in the extra special details of finishing touches, weddings can go from ordinary to extraordinary!

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