Business Women of the Main Line

We all admire strong, confident women. Women who run a business, take care of their kids and run the daily operations of a household…all with grit and grace. That’s what was going through my mind when I stood for this photograph taken for a VanCleve Bridal ad which ran in Mainline Today’s 2018 Power Women edition. It was truly an honor to be standing among these confident women, especially Deborah VanCleve Phelps, owner of VanCleve Bridal in Paoli. She is extremely supportive of the female business community on the Main Line.

The women in this photograph are part of a new generation redefining success and we need to support each other, speak up, and help one another. It’s always been a struggle for women to have a voice and this ad gives us an opportunity to shine.

Business women on the Main Line set an example for our daughters as we represent proud and courageous women willing to take risks and work hard. Seeing us fuel our passions with purpose and perseverance encourages them to forge their own path, striving beyond what they ever deemed possible. We are not superheroes, though. It’s important to be open and genuine with our daughters because having a career and parenting are two tough endeavors. It takes the right tools and the most important one is a collaborative effort from the family. With this team effort, building a business and raising a family can be extremely fulfilling and tangible.

These women are truly inspirational to me. It’s hard to juggle all that they do, but they manage to keep smiles on their faces! They’re empowering and they give me energy and strength to continue to make my business succeed.

I want to give special thanks to Ryan Eda Photography for taking this amazing photograph and for Rachel McGinn who photographed the magazine.

The women in this photography include: Deborah VanCleve, Nicol West Segel, Zoya Egan, Barbara Jordan, Doris Elofer, Lillian DeBaptiste, Phyllis Gambrone, Diane Roshamp, Marcia Vanessa Williams, Sandra Yodesly, Cecilia Rudman, and Meredith Coyle.