Luxury Silk Floral Walls. New for 2018!

The 2018 fashion and design trend is faux finishes and silk florals fit the bill! Designers are turning to faux materials for budget-friendly alternatives to authentic materials. In the world of events and weddings, think marble dance floors, faux fur wraps and even faux wedding cakes.

We have always touted using silk floral walls instead of real floral walls as a cost-cutting measure. Although we stress that real flowers are a must for weddings, we consider our silk florals as compliments to the real ones. Their affordability allows event space to be filled to the brim with blooms.

New for 2018: Our Luxury Wall Collection offers the same beautiful silk florals as our standard walls with the addition of beads, crystals and baubles of silver and gold woven into the mix.

Below are some photos of our intricate luxury walls. Just look at the gorgeous details and how they make the walls pop and sparkle!

There is so much to look forward to in 2018 party planning! Expect to see lush bright blooms, baubles and beads in our floral creations this year. We will use today’s trends to create wonderful memories with our floral products. We will not disappoint!