Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day With Puppy Party
Photography by Andrea Krout

A Valentine’s Day Flower Wall for your Celebration of Romance and Love

What the world needs now, more than ever, is love! Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, romance, and friendship. It’s the time to celebrate our sweethearts, friends, and family by sharing delicious chocolates, heart-shaped cards, and beautiful flowers. Flowers most of all, as they symbolize the healing and sustaining power of love. Cupid, the Valentine’s Day mascot, is often shown amidst beautiful flowers, representing a life “in full bloom” that bursts with fulfillment and joy. You can play Cupid with your guests when you bring a resplendent Amanda flower wall by Nicol Floral Design to your event. Your Valentine’s day event will bloom forever as you and your guests capture the happiness of this delightful holiday - posing for many photographs in front of one of Nicol Floral Design’s delightfully creative flower wall backdrops. You may find that your guests wish that everyday could be Valentine’s Day!